Since our start in 1937, we have developed an award-winning construction company by building personal relationships.

  • Valued clients
  • Trusted employees
  • Dedicated subcontractors and suppliers

Regardless of the technologies available to streamline our operations, our workforce and our person-to-person relationships will always be what sets us apart.

Hensel Phelps is a company with a plan to succeed. Since 1937, it has grown from a small, local builder in Greeley, Colorado into a multi-billion dollar international contractor with an eclectic and unparalleled portfolio of successfully completed projects. Despite its nationwide growth, the company has retained its Midwestern influences for ethical business practices and a genuine commitment to its people. In fact, more than anything else, the Hensel Phelps story is one about and for people.

Early on, it was decided that the best way to attract the most talented construction people was to offer them ownership in the company. The workforce Hensel Phelps attracts has an entrepreneurial spirit, enabling individuals to make decisions for the long-term interest of the company. Hensel Phelps people are client-oriented, interested in establishing mutually beneficial relationships, and deeply committed to maintaining an outstanding reputation.

Cultivating a diverse workforce is a part of Hensel Phelps’ culture, an effort backed by a Diversity Advisory Team focused on minority recruitment and retention. This Team adds muscle to Hensel Phelps’ diverse workforce objectives, prompting success through recruitment, retention, monitoring and verification efforts.

Of course, every builder will claim to build faster, more cost effectively and better than their competitors. Hensel Phelps, however, actually developed ways to build more effectively in the late 1970s and early 1980s when high interest rates created a need for speed. Once developed, expedited construction methods were integrated into Hensel Phelps’ management systems. Faster completions allow owners to occupy their buildings sooner, saving finance costs and generating income early.

When Hensel Phelps is involved early in the construction process, during the design phase, we have a proven track record of making cost-saving recommendations without affecting the building’s aesthetics. Hensel Phelps guarantees it. This is one benefit of Hensel Phelps’ diversity.


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