Best apps for construction workers

When the whole “app” thing began over six years ago, we couldn’t predict how it would impact our lives. With millions of apps currently on the market, most people can find what they need in all areas of their life, including business. In particular, construction workers have many options available to assist in their success. Here’s a few of the best apps that we have come across:

ENR FutureTech

The most forward-thinking technology leaders of the industry look ahead to size up how future technologies give competitive advantages and add overall profitability. This app is like a one-stop shop of the case studies from early adopters of these technologies as they share their insights and visions, and explain what they learned from beta-test experiences. Basically, this app allows you to use other people’s digital war-stories to help weed out the good from the bad of future building technology.

EPA Indoor airPLUS

Home builders and verifier partners in the field get easy access to the tools and resources of EPA’s Indoor airPLUS, a program designed to help builders meet the growing consumer preference for homes with improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Indoor airPLUS provides quick access to the EPA’s vast amount of resources. It includes checklists where you can document that you have followed all the recommended procedures and complete requirements for an Indoor airPLUS certification.

EPA Indoor airPLUS

EPA Indoor airPLUS

BuildCalc – Advanced Construction Calculator

This might be one of the best construction-specific apps available. Besides an advanced calculator for your phone, a lot of time will be saved for construction-specific tasks. You won’t have to memorize equations required for difficult calculations. BuildCalc does that for you and a lot more not found with other construction calculators, like sheathing angles, purlin angles, gable area, backing angles, plan angles and a plethora of others. This is an invaluable time-saving tool for builders, architects, and surveyors. 

BuildCalc - Advanced Construction Calculator

BuildCalc - Advanced Construction Calculator

One Response to “Best apps for construction workers”
  1. Sim B says:

    I just downloaded ENR FutureTech and it works great. Apps have only been around for six year…wow!

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