In 2001, Australian-based EnviroMission Limited started searching for the best possible site for the world’s first Solar Tower power station.

Now, with Hensel Phelps signed on, the company committed to developing renewable energy technology on a global scale is focusing on the southwestern United States and expects the first Solar Tower to be developed in Arizona.

Hensel Phelps has been contracted to provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price and deliver the 200 MW Solar Tower power station in La Paz County, Arizona for EnviroMission.  The Solar Tower will offset 1 million tonnes of greenhouse gases per year, according to its website, and will abate the use of up to 1 billion gallons of potable water annually – water that is typically associated with traditional power generation methods.

“Hensel Phelps is excited to be the builder and a collaborative team member for EnviroMission’s unique and innovative Solar Tower in Arizona,” says Hensel Phelps Western District Manager and Vice President Steve Grauer.  “Hensel Phelps has assigned a dedicated team to the project and has the Board’s commitment of all corporate resources to support the successful completion of the project and will assume all of our pre-construction expenditures through the close of project financing.”

The Solar Tower will rise 1,000 meters (or approximately 3,280 feet) above the ground.  The artist rendering below compares it to the Cheops pyramid (137 m), the Sydney Tower (309 m), the Eiffel Tower (324 m) and the Empire State Building (449 m).

Click the image below to view a fly-through artist rendition of the Solar Tower (Windows Media format):


Visit the EnviroMission website to learn more about this project:  enviromission.com.au


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